China: Top security body calls for ‘suppression of hostile forces’ over A4 protests

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In China at a time when anger is overflowing over the ‘zero tolerance policy’ in the coronavirus and thousands they demonstrate with a white A4 paper in handthe main security body requests to implement “repression of enemy forces”.

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The ruling Communist Party’s Political and Judicial Affairs Commission, which oversees law enforcement in the country, said it was “necessary to suppress the infiltration and sabotage activities of enemy forces under the law,” according to meeting minutes, the which was published by the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

The text considers of decisive importance the “severe repression according to the law of criminal actions that seek to overthrow the social order, but also the resolute protection of social stability”.

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In place for nearly three years, China’s zero-cases-of-Covid policy was the target of protests this weekend in several cities, the biggest protest movement since pro-democracy protests that were violently suppressed in 1989.

Source: News Beast

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