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China: Typhoon Champa cut a ship in two and sent twelve people to their deaths

China: Typhoon Champa cut a ship in two and sent twelve people to their deaths

Twelve bodies were found after the wreck on Saturday of a ship which was cut in two in the South China Sea by a typhoon, authorities said today China.

The ship was sailing 160 nautical miles southwest of Hong Kong on Saturday, when he found himself in the passage of Typhoon Chamba. “It was severely damaged and was cut into two pieces.”the Hong Kong Government Flying Service clarified.

Rescue crews rushed to his spot accident, after they were informed about the incident at approximately 07:25 on Saturday morning (02:35 a.m. Greek time). They managed to save three of the total 30 crew members, who were taken to hospital.

“According to the latest tally compiled on July 4 at 15:30 (local time, 10:30 Greek time), rescue teams have located and collected 12 bodies“, the Maritime Search and Rescue Operations Center of China’s Guangdong Province pointed out.

The search for the remaining 15 missing persons continues

Searches are continuing for the remaining 15 missing, with seven aircraft, 246 ships and nearly 500 fishing vessels remaining in the area, the same img added.

Images released by Hong Kong authorities over the weekend show a man being rescued from the crash site by helicopter as waves hit his bridge shipwhich is half submerged.

At the scene of the accident winds were recorded blowing at a speed of 144 km the time, while the waves reached a height of 10 meters.

According to the three survivors, the crew abandoned the ship when it broke in two and the rest of the crew were swept away by the waves before the first helicopter arrived on the scenethe Hong Kong government said in a statement.

Typhoon Champa formed in the center of the South China Sea. Heavy rain and strong winds battered Hong Kong on Friday and Saturday, while the tropical storm headed for mainland China in Guangdong province yesterday afternoon.

Source: News Beast



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