China: Vaccination rate reached 85% of the population

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More than one billion Chinese had been vaccinated against COVID-19 by 85 percent of the population by Friday, according to the National Health Commission.

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The commission said in a statement today that 2.9 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine had been administered in China as of yesterday, where vaccination is voluntary.

The committee’s spokeswoman Mi Feng said 1,220,584,000 people had been vaccinated with both doses of the drug, state Central Television reported.

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According to the latest census, China’s population exceeds 1.4 billion.

Mainland China reported 165 new cases in 31 provinces yesterday. Of these, 104 were from community transmission.

No new deaths associated with covid-19 were reported.

As of January 14, mainland China had recorded 104,745 cases of coronavirus and 4,636 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

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