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China’s former foreign minister was fired for having an extramarital affair, according to the Wall Street Journal

Her former foreign minister China Qin Gang, who stepped down from his post in July, had one extramarital relationship when he was ambassador to the United States, according to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, citing people who participated in a briefing. The report said Chin is cooperating with the investigation, which has now focused on whether Chin’s relationship or behavior endangered China’s national security.

Senior Chinese officials have been told that an internal Communist Party investigation found that Chin maintained the relationship throughout his tenure as China’s ambassador to the United States, the report said. Two sources told the newspaper that the relationship resulted in the birth of a child in the United States.

During a regular press conference today, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning was asked about the report and said: “Regarding the appointment and removal of the Chinese foreign minister, the Chinese side has previously released announcements and I do not know the other information. that you mention”.

Qin was replaced as foreign minister by veteran diplomat Wang Yi in July after a mysterious month-long absence from office and after just six months of tenure in this position.

He was China’s ambassador to Washington from July 2021 until this January.

Source: News Beast

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