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China’s shipbuilding capacity is 200 times that of the US – What this means for the strength of the two fleets

The great strengthening of China, at the military level, is confirmed by a new document – transparency of the US Navy about the shipbuilding capacity of the Asian giant. The document titled “PLAN vs. USN Naval Force Laydown’ shows that China’s shipyards have more than 200 times more production than those of the US. In particular, their potential amounts to 23.2 million tons, while that of the USA is around 100,000 tons. It is a fact that the colossal gap recorded is largely misleading as to the military strength of the two fleets being compared, as ship production is mixed. Both commercial and military ships are built in Chinese state-owned shipyards. China is the world’s leading shipbuilding power by a wide margin, controlling nearly 40% of the world’s commercial shipbuilding market, whereas the US shipbuilding industry is clearly much smaller and moreover not subject to central government control. But even so, the data reflects China’s strategy […]
Source: News Beast

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