Chinese auto giant Geely decided to launch smartphones

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While many smartphone manufacturers are aiming at the car market, starting to develop their own electric vehicles, the Chinese auto giant Geely decided to try its hand at producing smartphones. This was announced on Tuesday, September 28, by the CNBC portal.

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According to the publication, Geely founder Eric Li has set up a new subsidiary called Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology, headquartered in Wuhan. It will integrate global technologies and resources to develop premium smart devices for global consumers, including smartphones. Geely representatives did not disclose any details about when and under what brand the company’s first smartphones will appear on the market, but said that smartphones will complement its main automotive business. And Eric Lee said mobile devices could be the key to greater in-car capability.

“There is a close relationship between technology in modern cars and software for smartphones. And the main trend in the near future is the creation of custom ecosystems that blur the boundaries and provide users with more convenient and intelligent multi-screen interfaces, ”added the head of Geely.

Geely’s entry into the mobile market underscores the automaker’s commitment to expanding into new areas. In addition to the production of smartphones, the Chinese company has also decided to develop satellites and flying cars.

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