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“Chinese from hell”, man is arrested for xenophobia at the airport in SP

The Federal Police (PF) at São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, arrested red-handed, this Tuesday (28), a man who made racist insults against a Chinese passenger inside a Latam plane, which was traveling from São Paulo to Manaus.

When insulting the woman of Chinese nationality and attacking her, the passenger, whose identity was not revealed, was detained based on the Racism Law, art. 2nd of law 7,716/89. The crime is non-bailable.

Upon witnessing the physical and verbal attacks, Latam commissioners called the Federal Police. The takeoff was suspended and the man was taken to Federal Court

Two passengers witnessed the attack and gave statements. They told the police that the criminal shouted “Chinese woman from hell” and then pushed the woman.

In a statement, Latam informed that it requested support for the passenger’s disembarkation and that the flight took off late this Tuesday morning.

Source: CNN Brasil

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