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Israel uses truce to strengthen agility in combat in Gaza

Israel is prepared to resume fighting in the Gaza Strip and its military is using the truce to strengthen its combat agility, said Herzi Halevi, chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, on Tuesday (28) .

“The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are prepared to continue fighting. We are taking advantage of the pause days as part of the framework to learn, strengthen our readiness and approve future operational plans,” Halevi told a group of soldiers in northern Israel.

He described the return of the hostages in recent days as “further evidence of the results of significant military pressure and bold ground operations, which have created the conditions for the return of our civilians.”

Halevi also spoke about recent reports that accuse military intelligence of ignoring warnings of a Hamas incursion before the October 7 attack.

He assured the military that there will be “fundamental and in-depth investigations” into the matter, but emphasized that, for now, it is necessary to focus on the fighting.

The IDF said on Sunday (26) that Halevi approved military plans in Gaza for after the end of the pause.

Source: CNN Brasil

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