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Chinese 'in love' with Putin – A 'very nice' man who deserves respect

A “charismatic” leader to talk to “like it or not”: on the streets of Beijing today, the Chinese have a rather positive opinion of Vladimir Putin, who is on an official visit to China. Although public opinion in the West does not have a positive view of the Russian president, especially after the invasion of Ukraine, Putin enjoys respect in China, an important diplomatic and economic partner of his country. “Whether we like Putin or not, the reality is that today he is the Russian president. We have to have a little respect and listen to what Russia says,” said 30-year-old Bao Bo, who works online. He believes that it is necessary for Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss with his Russian counterpart in order to find a solution to end the war in Ukraine. “The international situation is unstable” and “we cannot have, like the Westerners, a permanently hostile attitude towards Russia” which remains […]
Source: News Beast

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