Chocolate bars: the big news for autumn 2021

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Can simplicity be sublimated? Yes, with artisanal production and excellent ingredients. Seeing is believing, with the new ones bars of milk chocolate with Amedei hazelnuts, historic Tuscan company of artisan chocolate production based in Pontedera. A great classic with the best raw materials, in which the creamy and vanilla aroma of milk is combined with the flavor of the toasted notes of Piedmont IGP hazelnuts.


Quentin Caillot

Valrhona has launched a range of tasting tablets for connoisseurs composed of six varieties of chocolate: Araguani 100% Pure Cocoa Venezuela with a powerful and full-bodied aromatic profile, Tulakalum 75% Cacao Pure Belize which is a perfect balance between strength and sweetness, Andoa Noir 70% Pure Organic Peru Cocoa of fair trade dark chocolate certified Fairtrade / Max Havelaar, then there are Manjari 64% Cacao Puro Madagascar (Manjari means “good” in Malagasy), Bahibe 46% Pure Cocoa Dominican Republic and Andoa Lait 39% Pure Peru Organic Cocoa which is Fairtrade / Max Havelaar certified milk chocolate.

Guido gobino

The novelty in the house Guido gobino it is not a tablet (at least for now) but it cannot be missing: it is the new one Tourinot white, the fifth recipe of the famous giandujotto from Turin interpreted by the great master. It is a perfect mix between Piedmont and Sicily with Tuon variety almondor gently roasted in the laboratory, peel of Noto oranges, integral salt from the Paceco saline and sustainable cocoa grown in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo.

Kit Kat

The new KitKat Zebra has an adventurous look and flavor: a jungle dark & ​​white packaging, which contains dark chocolate combined with creamy white chocolate to cover the crunchy classic KitKat wafer. Four minisnacks in one, all different and delicious.

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