Chocolates, diapers, shampoos and video games: how much Americanas owes to large suppliers

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Americanas’ list of creditors reveals the reach and debt that the retailer owes to the manufacturers of everything that fills the aisles of stores.

Diapers, shampoo, chocolate and gummy candies in the shape of dentures that cost a few reais add up to a millionaire debt with all the company’s major suppliers.

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Among the big brands, one of the debts that draws the most attention is with the South Korean Samsung, which has R$ 1.209 billion to receive from Americanas.

A big name in the electronics and home appliances sector, Samsung has grown a lot in Brazil in recent years on several fronts, such as cell phones, televisions, air conditioners and washing machines.

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All high-value items that are sold by Americanas, which explains the billionaire debt.

One of the most disputed corridors in Americanas is the chocolates. There, the biggest account is with the Swiss Nestlé: R$ 259.3 million.

The most traditional name in the chocolate sector in Brazil, it is the maker of Suflair, Talento and Kit Kat. But the multinational is also present in several other aisles of the store, such as Ninho powdered milk, Nescau chocolate milk, Bono biscuits and Nespresso coffee.

Over there in the same food department, the Mondelez bill is also high. There are R$ 97.8 million to be received for Bis, Lacta, Sonho de Valsa and Toblerone chocolates, Amandita, Club Social and Oreo cookies or Bubbaloo and Trident chewing gum.

If you’re already in the long aisle before the tellers, there’s another big bill over there. The manufacturer of Fini candies has R$ 26.9 million to receive from Americanas. A salty bead for denture-shaped gummy bears, acid worms, or strawberry tubes.

But if you forgot to buy the shampoo, know that the bills in the personal care aisle are also millionaire.

Over there, P&G has to receive R$ 53.3 million. The North American company is the one that produces Pantene and Head & Shoulders shampoos, Downy fabric softener, Ariel soap and Pampers diapers, in addition to Gillette shavers and Oral-B toothbrushes.

P&G’s great competitor also has a large bill to receive. The European Unilever expects R$ 41.9 million from Americanas.

It is the account for Ax and Rexona deodorants, Dove soaps, Seda and TRESemmé shampoos and Omo soap, among several other items sold by the retailer.

cell phones and televisions

Americanas default risk even affects the company with the highest market value in the world, Apple.

The North American has to receive BRL 98.6 million from the Brazilian company for cell phones and accessories sold to Americanas, but which were not paid.

Still in the electronics corridor, Semp and Sony – traditional names of Asian origin – stand to receive R$70.2 million and R$55.8 million, respectively. From Semp, Americanas sells televisions. As for Sony, it sells one of the most popular video games in the world: the Playstation.

Source: CNN Brasil

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