Chr. Dimas: Two innovative and pioneering Institutes of Quantum Technology and Genomics are founded

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The establishment of two pioneering Institutes, the “Institute of Quantum Research and Quantum Technology” in Demokritos and “Human Genomics” in the Technology and Research Foundation, the first in Greece, was announced by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, responsible for Research and Technology, Christos Dimas in Plenary, presenting the relevant provisions of the government’s legislative initiatives that have been submitted in the bill for the “Cleaning up of the Elefsina Shipyards”.

The deputy minister said that the “Institute of Quantum Research and Quantum Technology” will be tasked with producing high-level competitive cutting-edge research in the field of Quantum Computing, quantum science and technologies of related phenomena, at the standards of leading centers abroad. He pointed out that Quantum computing systems are expected in the near future to solve complex problems that today cannot be solved with existing computing systems, bringing about major upheavals in the international economy. The main objectives of the Institute will be to conduct research in quantum phenomena and quantum computing in applications of a wide range of industry sectors, such as energy, communications, shipping, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and finance. The work of the Institute, said the deputy minister, will include the creation of interdisciplinary programs, postgraduate programs and the design of quantum programs for public administration and business executives. Mr. Dimas estimated that the development of the Institute will make it a pole of attraction and coordination of university research centers and companies as well as utilization of the European funds that are already available for quantum computing and technology research, which will have a direct positive impact on our national economy.

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For the Institute of Human Genomics in Greece at the Foundation for Technology and Research, he said that its mission will be to conduct high-level competitive cutting-edge research in the field of human genetics at the standards of leading centers abroad, as well as to provide services, utilizing the diversity of local genomic variants for the history of the Greek population, with the aim of improving public health. Its main objectives will be to conduct basic research to understand fundamental biological processes related to genetic diversity, to conduct translational research to understand the molecular mechanisms of genomic disorders both inherited and somatic and to improve diagnostic methods, treatment options and prevention approaches on an individualized basis. Also, providing cutting-edge clinical services based on genetic variants that cause, modify or predispose to genetic diseases. The deputy minister said that many countries with wealth similar to Greece have already joined important actions that outline the new era of genomic medicine. While our country has considerable human resources in genomic research, computational biology, as well as clinical research, it has not utilized it to the extent it could, he noted.

To the question of SYRIZA MP Theodoros Dritsa about what will be the legal form of these two Institutes and their funding, the Deputy Minister replied that the first of Quantum Research and Technology is part of Democritus and the other of Human Genomics in Greece at ITE. “So, the Institutes are members of the specific research centers. Their funding to a very large extent is also from the Recovery Fund. So, I think it is secured to a very large extent,” he noted.

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Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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