Chr. Staikouras: To provide young people with an environment of better opportunities

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Yesterday and today, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Christos Staikouras, represented Greece at the Ministerial Meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which took place at the OECD headquarters in Paris, on the topic: “The future we want – Best policies for the next generation and for a sustainable transition “.

During the work of the Summit, Mr. Staikouras intervened in the debate on shaping a better future for young people, emphasizing, among other things, the following: “The future we want must be characterized by sustainable and socially equitable development, with fewer inequalities To achieve these ambitious goals, we need to provide today and tomorrow’s young people with an environment of better opportunities, while reducing the risk of long-term consequences of the coronavirus crisis, such as education and employment disruptions and financial insecurity. .

To this end, we are called upon to ensure that our youth are prepared, with new technical and social skills, for the green and digital transition, through accessible and affordable retraining programs, which will contribute to a smooth transition to the labor market and their long-term employability.

The role of digital skills is particularly important.

Employment frameworks, including taxation and social benefits, must contribute to reducing informal, precarious, low-quality youth work, promoting gender equality and encouraging businesses to maximize employment opportunities young people from different regions and environments, including the socially and economically vulnerable “.

The finance minister also addressed the debate on the implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, stressing that “in the short term, governments will need to curb the impact of price increases on consumers – especially the most vulnerable – through targeted and tried-and-tested support measures.” , and that “war intensifies the need for all countries to combine the goal of a fair green transition with energy security and independence, in a cost-effective and socially just manner”. He added that “this means that diversifying energy sources and suppliers, promoting energy efficiency and green transition are becoming even more urgent priorities.”

Mr Staikouras also made special reference to the challenges posed by growing geopolitical tensions – including pressure for higher defense spending in Europe and elsewhere – and stressed the need for closer international co-operation and co-ordination.

Finally, the Minister of Finance intervened in the discussion on strengthening prevention and preparedness against the coronavirus pandemic, noting the need to identify the key lessons learned from the pandemic, so that there is better preparation for future challenges.

“Preventing possible longer-term effects of the pandemic, including repairing supply chain disruptions, avoiding negative effects on the labor market and strengthening the health system, without compromising the long-term unsustainability of public health, remains a key priority.” .


Source: Capital

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