Chrissy Teigen, what happens to a woman’s body when she undergoes an abortion

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Although more than a year has passed since the painful episode of miscarriage of her third child, Chrissy Teigen continues to suffer. Twice mother, of Luna and Miles, had by her husband John Legend, the 35-year-old American model and food writer told what she feels in an Instagram post. Which, we are sure, will touch the hearts of many women returning from the experience of abortion.

Alongside a photo taken in her wardrobe room, Chrissy Teigen writes: “it’s so weird when you lose a baby and your body freezes. Normally you would take those pounds from “Yuppiiii I’m pregnant”, then the weight of your baby. So, ideally, you would give birth to your baby. And you would feed it with your breasts and your body would be able to fortify itself and prepare you to fight and face anything, for as long as necessary. But damn it. When you lose a baby before giving birth, your body stops. It has no functions to perform. Nobody to feed. And you are alone … blocked. Stuck with your saggy boobs that were preparing to be swollen with milk, a belly that was about to rise … I’d be lying if I said this didn’t suck. Not only do you feel extremely, perversely sad about what could have happened, but you also have this ferocious daily reminder every time you look in the mirror. I don’t have a grand finale or positive words ready to close. And don’t tell me cute phrases !! I know I know. I know it’s not all over and I know I’m tough, blah blah blah. But for a minute I succumbed to negativity. I love you. To hell with the scales! ‘

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Certainly with this long and heartfelt post-outburst Chrissy Teigen has given voice to many stories of women who, like her, have experienced the loss of a desired child and who, in the months (sometimes years) to follow, have been confronted with symptoms of depression. In these cases, talking to a good therapist and / or closest loved ones remains the wisest way to go. In order not to lock oneself in a cage of pain and a sense of guilt for something that does not depend in the least on us.

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