Christian Nodal breaks the silence about his parents: he has never received a gift from them

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In addition to his taste for tattoos, another of the hobbies What the famous Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal is known for is his interest in video games, so it is very common to see him broadcast live through his Twitch account.

It was like that during a live of the platform, while the 23-year-old composer was talking with a friend, who revealed that he has never received a gift from his parents for being the older brother, a revelation that captured the attention of his fans and it went viral on social networks.

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Image of Christian Nodal in his promotion of his theme We are no longer nor will we be

According to the viral publication that circulates on the network, the live broadcast took place on August 31, in what seems like a conversation with one of his friends, the interpreter of Goodbye Love He revealed some of his family problems by confessing that his parents have given everything to his younger sister, while he, being the oldest, has not been given anything and has always had to make an effort to have what he wants.

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The conversation between Nodal and his friend is a classic theme with which all older siblings can identify, since most parents not only pamper their younger children, but also make their lives even easier. Even the guy with whom the performer bottle after bottle He talked, he also told his anecdote as an older brother, assuring that his sister is more pampered than him.

From what I told you, my dream car was a Jeep, man. Who do you think they gave the Jeep to in their 15 years? To my sister! They never gave me a cell phone. I always had to peel it to get what she wanted.

However, it seems that this situation continues to make Nodal somewhat sad, because when reading the comment of a user who told him that “he was already big”, the singer replied that at present he does not ask to be given a car, but rather give him a symbolic present as a sign of the affection his parents feel for him.

screenshot of christian Nodal saying that his parents have never given him anything

I don’t want them to give me a car or anything like that. Just a detail of: ‘ah, mijo, I love you’, something symbolic. I always gave them things that were really cool, that’s why I got pissed off.

The sad confession of the interpreter of We are no longer nor will we be It did not take long to become popular on the Internet, where users immediately wrote messages of encouragement for the Mexican singer, telling him that he should not feel bad, because it is something that all older brothers go through, not just him.

Source: Okchicas

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