CIA: Creates new unit exclusively for China

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THE CIA announced the establishment of a new unit, which will have the sole purpose of dealing with issues related to Chinaand the strategic challenges posed by their relationships USA. with the Beijing. Another proof that the Americans now consider it as their main competitor in the long run.

THE Director of the US Intelligence Service, William Burns, said in a statement that this new unit, called China Mission Center (CMC), is not directed against the Chinese people but will deal with “the global challenges posed by the Chinese government in all areas of the Service’s missions”. “The CMC will strengthen our collective work on the most important geopolitical threat we face in the 21st century: an increasingly hostile Chinese government,” he added.

THE President of the USA, Joe Biden, who considers the China “Strategic competitor”, set up a special unit in June Pentagon, whose purpose is to assess the threat posed by Beijing in the military sector and respond accordingly.

In recent years the CIA and FBI have uncovered dozens of industrial or military espionage cases in its favor Of China. US services also accuse China for numerous cyberattacks against public organizations and businesses in USA.

Indication of the difficulties faced by CIA to China and other countries was its recent admission, with a message to its agents around the world that it had lost dozens of informants in recent years who had been arrested or killed, according to newspapers. «New York Times» and «Washington Post». “Throughout its history, the CIA has revealed all the challenges it has faced,” he said. Burns.

THE Burns also announced that a position of technology director is being created at CIA while a unit dedicated to their competitiveness is established USA., the Transnational & Techonology Mission Center. This unit will deal with emerging technologies, climate change, financial security and public health.

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