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Ciro Gomes did not declare support for Bolsonaro; photo used is montage

Investigated Content: post on instagram displays a photo of presidential candidate Ciro Gomes making number 22 with his hands, next to President Jair Bolsonaro. The publication suggests that Ciro supports Bolsonaro’s re-election and carries the caption “Até o Ciro is 22, and you there with this useful vote story”.

where it was published: Instagram.

Completion of Proof: It is false that presidential candidate Ciro Gomes took a picture making the number 22 with both hands, sitting next to President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The image, which circulates on social media, was manipulated to look like the pedestrian supports Bolsonaro’s re-election.

The original photo was published by Ciro on Saturday (October 1) on his Twitter profile. In the publication, he appears doing the number 1 with his left hand and 2 with his right, in reference to his identification number on the urn.

The record was made during the presidential debate on TV Globo, shown live on September 29. At the time, Ciro Gomes was sitting next to Jair Bolsonaro, as shown by images of the TV Globo studio published by the G1 portal. On the eve of the elections, the PDT candidate used the photo to summon the voter to “press 12 and get rid of this polarization full of hate, incompetence and thievery that is sinking the country”as the publication says.

On Instagram, the montage was published by two profiles together, which were contacted by Comprova. However, users did not respond until this check was published.

For Comprova, false is any content invented or edited to change its original meaning and deliberately released to spread a falsehood.

Scope of publication: As of October 2, the image on Instagram had 64,068 likes and 1,898 comments.

What the author of the publication says: Comprova contacted the two accounts that posted the image together on Instagram. However, there were no responses until the close of this verification.

How do we check: Initially, we searched the official social networks of the candidate Ciro Gomes to try to identify the original image. The real photo was found on Twitter and Instagram of the pedestrian. In addition, the publication was reflected in press vehicles, such as The globe and Yahoo News on Saturday, October 1st.

original photo

The photo in which Ciro appears doing the number 22 with both hands, which would be a reference to the candidate Bolsonaro, is a montage. The original image was published on Twitter of the pedestrian candidate on October 1st at 9 am. In the post, he appears next to Jair Bolsonaro making the number “12” with his fingers, the identification number of his party, PDT. In the montage, an extra finger was added to forge that Ciro Gomes would have made the sign in reference to his competitor’s party in the presidential race.

The record published by Ciro Gomes is from the presidential debate on TV Globo, which was broadcast live on September 29. In this ocasion, Ciro Gomes sat next to Jair Bolsonaro, as shown by images from the TV Globo studio published by the news portal G1. The placement of candidates in the studio was defined by alphabetical order of the first name. From left to right were Ciro Gomes (PDT), Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Father Kelmon (PTB), Felipe D’Ávila (Novo), Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Simone Tebet (MDB) and Soraya Thronicke ( Union Brazil).

THE original image was reproduced by news portals such as The globe and Yahoo News this Saturday, October 1st.

why do we investigate: Comprova investigates suspicious content that goes viral on social media about the presidential elections, public policies and the pandemic. During the period leading up to the elections in Brazil, many contents are being released with the aim of disrupting the electoral process and voter choice. The video verified here presents false information involving the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes. The population must choose its candidates based on true and reliable information.

Other checks on the topic: Recently, Comprova showed that the WhatsApp is not blocked and video about decision asking for application suspension is from 2015; what supporter who took a photo with Bolsonaro in Garanhuns is not Lula’s uncle is that video was manipulated to show Bolsonaro ahead in Ipec poll.

Investigated by Metrópoles, CNN Brasil, Estadão and UOL. Verified by PLURAL Curitiba, O POPULAR, Correio do Estado, SBT, SBT News, O POVO, Folha de S.Paulo.

Source: CNN Brasil

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