Civil Defense warns of 3°C temperature in the state of SP over the weekend

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The Civil Defense of the State of São Paulo issued an alert for the cold front that reaches the state from this Friday (23) and is valid until Sunday (25). Thermometers can reach 3ºC in Serra da Mantiqueira.

In the south, the passage of an extratropical cyclone should influence the drop in temperatures in some states, according to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet).

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Some changes began with the cyclone off the Brazilian coast on Thursday (24). If it gains strength and intensifies towards the Atlantic Ocean, the event should provoke strong winds on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina this Friday.

A cyclone is a region where relatively warm air rises and favors the formation of clouds and rain. Storms and strong wind are associated with low pressure centers.

Cold Alert in Sao Paulo

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The cold wave that should hit the state of São Paulo and cause an abrupt drop in temperature, in addition to leaving the thermometers at around 3ºC in Serra da Mantiqueira, can leave the temperature around 7ºC in the capital of São Paulo and in the metropolitan regions.

In Sorocaba and Campinas, the thermometers must reach 9ºC. In São José dos Campos and Vale da Ribeira, the minimum reaches 8ºC.

According to the Civil Defense alert, the drop in temperature will intensify the feeling of cold and increase the risk of incidents and damage to health.

The agency warns people to avoid closed places and large circulation of people to avoid opportunistic diseases that affect more in the coldest period, such as flu, colds, pneumonia and meningitis.

And keep your hands clean constantly.

Due to the expectation of very cold weather in the capital of São Paulo, the Pedro II Metro station will work during the night as a temporary shelter for homeless people. The shelter will open from 7pm this Friday.

Frost and cyclone in the south of the country

According to Inmet, this Friday, the forecast indicates weak frost in Campanha Gaúcha and in the center-west of Santa Catarina and Paraná.

On Saturday (24), the frost will be more widespread in the three southern states and of moderate intensity in the mountain areas. The minimum temperatures must vary between 0°C and 4°C in the mountainous regions of the South, being able to be negative on Saturday.

The Santa Catarina Civil Defense said that “between Friday morning and afternoon, winds blow from the southwest with weak to moderate intensity, but gusts still fluctuate between 50 km/h and 65 km/h in areas of the Midwest. to the coast”.

The cold air mass should start to lose strength and temperatures will gradually rise again on Sunday.

The Imenet forecast also points to the possibility of frost in the south of the state of São Paulo and between the Vale do Paraíba and Serra da Mantiqueira this weekend.

Forecast for the Midwest

Inmet issued a rain alert for some Midwest regions of the country, with a storm forecast this Friday.

Areas of Mato Grosso, Goiás and the Federal District can be hit with accumulated rain and winds of up to 100 km/h, in addition to hail.

*With information from Agência Brasil

Source: CNN Brasil

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