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Google Play will be able to track the installation of software from all your devices on one

Recently, developers from Google have been quite actively releasing various important updates that make the life of users more comfortable. For example, some time ago, company employees announced that now in the description of applications on Google Play there will be a separate item about the data that the software requests (location, personal information, access to contacts, and so on). Now, the developers of the digital app store have announced that in the upcoming Google Play update, it will be possible to track the installation status of various software on all other user gadgets from one device.

Accordingly, the user will be able to start downloading a video game on his tablet, for example, and then remotely monitor the process of downloading heavy software from another smartphone. Or it will be possible to queue several applications for download at once, watching the installation process. Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented in the Play Store v32.4 update – probably, the developers have not yet completed the job, so the update is not yet distributed to users. But when the feature is introduced, owners of multiple devices will have a very handy tool.

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