Civil Police found note that may have attracted family to slaughter in DF

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The Civil Police of the Federal District (PC-DF) found a note that called the hairdresser Elizamar da Silva; her husband, Thiago Gabriel Belchior; and the children to the farm where the family was last seen. Whoever wrote the note calls them to deal with a supposedly urgent matter.

The hairdresser and the children disappeared on January 12th. The next day, police located her car with four charred bodies inside. Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira, the hairdresser’s father-in-law, was found buried and dismembered near the house where the family was held captive before being murdered. The police also found the father-in-law’s car with two more dead people, who, so far, have not yet been identified.

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So far, the police still do not know who wrote the note to the family. In addition to the note, the PC-DF found a notebook with the names, accounts and bank passwords of the victims. The seizures may help clarify the crime that led to the death of seven people and the disappearance of three family members in the Federal District last week.

The police also reported the existence of a fourth suspect, Carloman dos Santos Nogueira, commonly known as Carlinhos. He is accused of being one of the executioners of the victims, as his fingerprints were located at various points in captivity.

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Investigators also had access to CCTV footage from the house next to the prison. They show two vehicles leaving the site on January 14, two days after the family disappeared. The Renault Scenic vehicle left the place together with a Fiat Siena, which was later found burned in Unaí (MG), a city close to the Federal District.

According to police chief Ricardo Viana, who has been coordinating the case’s efforts since the 14th of this month, the investigation team named the operation Innominate, with the aim of putting together the puzzle of the deaths that occurred in series and in a brutal way, besides demonstrating its complexity.

“Because it is a complex tragedy, with many involved and which shocked the population of the DF and the country, it was not possible to define a specific name; That’s why we adopted the term Innominate”, explains the delegate.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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