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Claude Troisgros achieves another success in Rio de Janeiro, Cantina do Claude

Creator of several successful addresses in Rio, Claude Troisgros raised yet another flag in the hubbub of Rua Conde de Bernadotte, in leblon . Transformed the outdoor area where Bar do Claude operated (attached to Chez Claude) into the already popular Claude’s Canteen opened at the end of April.

With tables covered with red checkered tablecloths, the tiny address has a tempting Italian menu at attractive prices — carefully executed by the team of the competent chef. Jessica Trindade .

Among the starters, the arancini with goat cheese (R$ 34), filet mignon carpaccio (R$ 36), Roman-style fried squid (R$ 42), putanesca bruschetta with torn burrata (R$ 34) stand out. ) and the tasty creamy red corn polenta with egg yolk in the center and pecorino (R$38).

Even better are the main dishes. On the day of the visit, one of the suggestions of the day combined Italy and France by combining pappardelle, termite cooked at low temperature and a magnificent bordelaise (R$ 68) — a classic French sauce made with red wine, meat broth, herbs and butter.

Another highlight was the maccheroni (short tubular pasta) with cacio e pepe sauce (R$62). Here, the sauce originally from Rome prepared with grated pecorino cheese and freshly ground black pepper is enhanced with peas (which the locals love to spell on the menu as petit pois) and a daring touch of gin, noticeable in the flavor.

Source: CNN Brasil

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