Claudia Costin: This is not an opportune moment to discuss tuition fees in public education

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The Chamber of Deputies approved, on Tuesday (24), a request for a public hearing to discuss PEC 206/19, which proposes charging tuition fees in public universities. THE CNN Specialist in education Claudia Costin said that she sees the proposal with sadness.

During the biggest crisis that education has ever experienced in Brazil, we expected proposals to improve teaching to emerge. And two proposals emerged, such as homeschooling and charging for tuition fees in public higher education, which do not contribute at all.

Claudia Costin, CNN Specialist

Costin said that the problem is not in the measure itself, since several countries charge for their public education without this having harmed their education system. “But this is not an opportune time to discuss this,” he said.

According to the CNN Specialist Brazil is a very unequal country and this situation was only exacerbated by the pandemic.

“The middle class was also very affected, many young people left higher education to dedicate themselves exclusively to work”, said the expert.

For Costin, in this context, thinking about charging tuition fees in public higher education shows another form of exclusion, even if the proposal focuses on who would be able to pay.

See more in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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