Clement Bonn: The fight against discrimination is a “cultural battle” of Europe

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A “cultural battle” that Europe must wage, described the French Minister of European Affairs Clement Bon as the fight against discrimination.

In his statements, he characteristically underlined that the law of government Orban – which discriminates against members of the LGBTQI community and is currently in force in Hungary – it is a “scandal”.

In more detail, according to APE, he noted: “it is a bad law that identifies pedophilia with homosexuality. “It’s a scandal in Europe today,” Clement Bonn told France 2, denouncing those who “believe that discrimination, disrespect for the equality of the most basic rights is possible”.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen threatened Budapest yesterday with infringement proceedings if it did not back down on the law.

“It’s a cultural battle. Unfortunately, we see that the incidents are multiplying, we also saw it in Georgia before the LGBTQI demonstration last week. “I think there is a serious deviation in Europe and we need to strengthen our arsenal.”

However, the French Minister Considers that countries that discriminate through legislation should not be excluded from the European Union.

“Governments that do this no longer have a job in the European Union, but (…) I do not offset. There are organizations defending rights in Poland, Hungary (…) I do not want to call them “Europe is not on your side” (…) There are millions of people who stand by European values, who believe in equality and who count on us to enforce respect for these values. “

Budapest yesterday denounced the “unprecedented campaign” being carried out by Brussels against it.

Infringement proceedings for breach of European law can lead to recourse to the Court of Justice of the European Union and the imposition of financial sanctions.

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