CNN Debate: Leftist Governments Gain Space in Latin America

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In a debate held by CNN this Saturday (25), federal deputies Alexandre Padilha (PT-SP) and Alê Silva (Republicans-MG) discussed the rise of leftist governments in Latin America, after Gustavo Petro’s victory in Colombia, which never before in his history had had a leftist president.

In addition to Colombia, the left advanced in several South American countries in the last elections. In 2019, Alberto Fernández beat Mauricio Macri in Argentina, while last year rural teacher Pedro Castillo beat candidate Keiko Fujimôri, daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, in Peru. In Chile, deputy and former student leader Gabriel Boric beat lawyer José Antonio Kast. All these countries were ruled by the right.

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For deputy Alê Silva, Brazil must know how to dialogue with the newly elected governments, even if the ideologies are divergent. “I do not identify major changes in Brazil’s actions towards countries that are now governed by left-wing presidents, even because we have national sovereignty rules that are relevant to each nation and that must be respected by all”, she highlighted.

“As I said, dialoguing and knowing how to listen to those who have totally different opinions from ours is fundamental. A relationship based on respect, diplomacy and sovereignty is needed,” added the deputy.

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In the view of deputy Alexandre Padilha (PT-SP), President Jair Bolsonaro is not prepared to establish positive relations with leftist governments.

“Bolsonaro has been a tragedy in foreign policy, placing Brazil increasingly in isolation, whether with countries with positions more to the left or also with presidents who do not have this position, such as Macron, in France”, he pointed out.

“Another important thing is that these victories in Colombia, Chile, Bolivia and Mexico are the representation that the extreme right was unable to reduce inequality in Latin America, to face the situation well in the pandemic… and it shows that the population reacted to this. , after making mistakes in previous elections or having suffered coups, as in the case of Bolivia, the population, when it had the right to vote, placed popular governments that have the reduction of inequality and diversity in Latin America at the center of their political project”, concluded.

Watch the full debate in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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