CNN no Plural+: Invisible to the eyes of the community itself

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How many openly bisexual friends do you have?

I need to think hard to come to the conclusion that none. And look, I know people.

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I don’t know why I don’t ask? Or am I not asking why it doesn’t even occur to me that someone in my circle is bisexual?

Maybe because I, like a lot of people, soon want to put anyone in a box: either the person is gay, or It is lesbian, or has a transgender gender identity, and all LGBTQIAP+ lyrics.

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oops? And OB is that? Wake up! Because it’s tiring for someone who declares himself to be bisexual to have to prove anything.

this, in addition to reproducing prejudices, is tiring. And especially for those who have their gender orientation questioned at all times.

And that’s why on September 23, the Bisexual Visibility Day , so that mainly the community becomes aware and does not question this sexual orientation. So that bisexual people are seen and recognized as such.

And for the CNN column on Plural+ to also contribute to this very important date, the story this time will be different.

THE GLAAD one of the largest NGOs in the world focused on the fight for LGBTQIAP+ rights, wasThes of myths that bbsexual people end up hearing every day. Phrases that shock through ignorance.

And as this is a space for those who have a place to speak, we invited the actress Ana Hikari and the influencer Klebio Damas , both bisexuals, to comment on these myths. Give listening to those who have a place to speak.

Bisexuality is just a phase before someone comes out as gay or lesbian.”

A-N-A NoIt can’t be a phase, it’s what we are all over, every day of our life, it’s not a moment.

Klebio – It was very common in the past for people to do this: they said they were bisexual and then understood themselves as gay or lesbian, because in the minds of some bi people it is less gay. Only this is completely wrong and completely wrong. There are bi people, being bisexual is not a transitory sexuality, it is a gender orientation in itself.

“A bisexual woman is more socially accepted than a bisexual man”

A-N-A – When a woman kisses men, but also kisses women, it’s something that many men find sensual, they find attractive. And actually this is a portrait of a hyper sexualization of women, right? So maybe saying that it’s more accepted is not the most correct thing, but maybe saying that there are more people who like it because there’s this for the sexualization of our orientation.

Klebio – There are different views and parameters, because a bisexual woman is also very fetishized, she is placed in another place. The bisexual man is questioned a lot, because there is a whole sexist society that believes that all bisexual men are actually gay men who have not yet assumed their sexual orientation, which is not so.

“No one can identify as bisexual unless they have been in a relationship with both a man and a woman.”

A-N-A – It is not the amount of saliva we exchange that defines our sexual orientation. It’s who we are, what we feel that defines who we are.

Klebio – We will assume you are straight. When you were a teenager, you knew you were straight. Have you ever had a girl and a boy to test? Not. But you felt that attraction, you know? You just feel, you just know. And having to keep reinforcing that is a very annoying thing.

“Bisexuality is a justification for promiscuity”

A-N-A Then I laugh… but it’s not for laughing, right? IT IS this information dramatically. Just because a person has the possibility to kiss people of two or more genders doesn’t mean that he will kiss all the people in the world, right? Bisexuality is not synonymous with promiscuity. It may be that there are bisexual people who like the dog and that’s ok – but there are also other heterosexual people who are the dog too and people don’t say that, right?

Klebio – For a long time, bisexuality was related to promiscuity, but then people… it’s not possible. It’s a completely pejorative thing, completely wrong.

“A person is only bi if they like men and women to the same extent”

A-N-A – If I had a measurement on the thermometer of “Oh, today I’m so many % liking men and so many % liking women”... The truth is that there is no amount, there is no correct and ideal parameter for you to define bisexuality.

Klebio – Of course. You don’t need a club and get two men and two women to be bisexual, for example! Liking different genres is much easier. We just don’t have to try to put up so many barriers and so many boxes, you know? You just feel it, like it and move on with your life.

“Bisexuals are transphobic. The word bisexual is necessarily a binary term, referring to both men and women.

A-N-A – There are also a lot of people who think that bisexuality is just feeling attracted to two genders. That is, that it would be a completely binaristic sexual orientation, and that is a lie. Bisexuality isn’t just about two genders, it’s about being attracted to two or more genders. We already have enough knowledge nowadays that there is a plurality of gender identities, and I think that bisexuality is also there for us to be able to accept all bodies and just like we ask them to accept us.

Klebio Bisexuality is not transphobic. Even if a person only likes men and women on this binary spectrum, they can also like trans men, trans women and that’s okay! It’s not an exclusive thing, you know? When people talk about pansexuality, it goes a little bit beyond just male and female, so they have non-binary people and other layers that come in — but they’re not exclusionary situations.

“Bisexuals have their sexuality questioned by people inside and outside the LGBTQIA+ community”

A-N-A THE We have our sexuality questioned on all sides, both inside and outside the community. And unfortunately this happens because bisexuality is a sexual orientation that has been suppressed for a long time and has gone through an and still goes on today. We’re starting to talk more about this issue and that’s good, because I think there are so many guidelines, so many identities, that I think what we deserve is: to debate, name and respect.

Klebio – Yes, because outside the community, you’re seen a lot like a closeted gay. And within the community too, people want to prove this to you all the time, because I believe as many people back there said they were bisexual and then understood each other as gay or lesbian, there are many people who think that this is a rule, that with everyone will happen this. But that’s not how it works, it’s not a passing sexuality. You just are.

  • Production: Letícia Brito and Carol Raciunas

Source: CNN Brasil

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