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CNN Pelo Mundo Podcast: G20 has the most fractured summit in history

The 19 countries and the European Union are divided on several points and must speak out according to their own interests at the G20 Summit, according to senior CNN International analyst Américo Martins. The event takes place in India on September 9th and 10th.

Speaking directly from New Delhi, Américo talks to Camila Olivo about how the Indian government is using the event to try to project itself as a great global power.

At the Summit, India symbolically transmits the presidency of the G20 to Brazil – officially valid from December. Américo Martins explains about the challenges facing Brazil, which will be leading the group that brings together the largest global economies for the first time.

Listen also: Mercosur presents a document with responses to the European Union’s demands for the conclusion of a free trade agreement; Ukraine advances, but very little, in the counteroffensive, while Russians negotiate arms with North Koreans; and Mexico decriminalizes abortion throughout the country.

Presentation: Américo Martins and Camila Olivo
Production: Bruna Sales
Editing: Raphael Henrique

Source: CNN Brasil

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