CNN’s new program, Caminhos com Abilio Diniz premieres on the 14th

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Entrepreneur Abilio Diniz commands a special week of interviews on the program Caminhos com Abilio Diniz, which airs on CNN Brazil from November 14th to 18th, from 10:40 pm to 11:30 pm.

Upon receiving some of the most important businessmen and personalities in Brazil, Diniz proposes high-level conversations about the prospects for the economy and the direction for the country in this post-election scenario.

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Diniz revealed that the interviewees are Brazilian businessmen who live and know the country. He also said he was “looking forward” to also highlighting his views on the economic scenario in the coming years.

“There is the opinion that the interviewees will put and there is my opinion that I will put it”, highlighted Abilio Diniz.

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Roberto Setúbal (Itaú) and Luiza Helena Trajano (Magazine Luiza) are among those interviewed. They join names like Edvaldo Viera (Amil), Luis Stuhlberger (Green Fund) and Jean Jereissati (Ambev).

This year, Diniz was in front of the Olhares Brasileiros program, which also won a podcast version. The proposal was to create a space for conversations between the entrepreneur and Brazilian personalities from the most varied sectors.

According to the presenter, the proposal of Caminhos with Abilio Diniz is different and more focused.

“Brazilian perspectives were broader, we approached more topics. Now, we are focused on showing what these people, who are opinion makers, think of the next government,” she added.

*Posted by Carolina Cerqueira

Source: CNN Brasil

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