Cocoricò, between memories and news: the magic of changing (remaining oneself)

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There was a time, between the nineties and the 2000s, that at the entrance of the Cocoricò a transparent case stood out, with a performer seminudo covered in insects. Is in the women’s bathroom they had put up a console, creating a transgressive private room able to make the entire planet roll their eyes. Then there was another time, a kind of second life, in which below the mythical Pyramid the best international deejays took turns, artists with exorbitant cachets who continued to attract Riccione platoons of enthusiasts. Italians, and beyond.

Strategies that rode the era, mirroring a society in very rapid (almost hysterical) transformation. The advent of the internet, the digital leap, the social boom: language changes and people change, even those of the people of the night. And keeping up with the parable of metamorphosis – for those who must seduce and entertain – has never been so difficult, especially if there is an economic balance sheet to be respected. Thus, in June 2019, the curtain fell on the legendary Romagna disco, for a long time the most extreme and creative of world clubbing: bankruptcy and closure.

And here we are at the present, or almost. To prevent the Pyramid from going down the drain, in fact, it has arrived Enrico Galli – already owner ofAltromondo Studios and of Beach Arena – who took over the property and bought it back at auction the brand with the promise to reopen the Cocoricò ad April 2020. The Covid pandemic has upset the programs, postponing the opening for more a year and a half, but without damaging the enthusiasm. Indeed, the wait has grown to such an extent that when the online selling tickets for the inauguration on November 27, there were 5950 people on the buy button.

«We have reached the peak of 7200 users at the same time connected », tells us the entrepreneur, who for now – due to limitations – cannot sell more than 1400 entrances per evening. “We have done sold out in 44 minuti, symptom that after three years of closed doors people wanted to go back under the Pyramid ». Although he didn’t even know who was playing: yes, why at a strategic level Galli and his entourage are as if they want to plot some kind of third way, which recalls the iconic past of coconut but at the same time distances itself from what has already been.

First of all it is in force a salary cap (a salary cap) for artists, which means not necessarily following the line of gods big names, but always keep an eye on the accounts: on the other hand, in the era of low cost airlines, it is impossible to compete with the great European festivals they offer avalanches of stars in accessible figures. As for the pricing policy, the man pays more than the woman (35 euro account 20) with the aim of creating a male / female balance inside the nightclub. Among other things, entry is forbidden to underage girls and boys under 20 years of age.

“Unfortunately, analyzing the data of the previous management, we found that the biggest share of the problems was caused by children under 18 or just over 18», They explain to us from the staff, before listing the investments of over two million euros. “There was one massive renovation»Explains Galli. «I have always put the clubs at the center of attention, it bothers me to see them treated badly. Then we focused on technology, with 300 light points, 6 lasers, about 40 square meters of LED walls and 650 linear meters of LED strips which cover all the diagonals of the Pyramid ».

A simple effect but very suggestive, which recalls the luminous past of Cocoricò. Upon entering, in fact, he doesn’t seem to have changed that much, with the two balconies around the central runway which have become areas premium and the historical Titilla, the second most important room, shrunk and become T-Room. It is there, where they were once confined softer sounds, which today pulsates techno without compromise, while under the Pyramid space for house e tech-house Ibiza style. A reversal of roles that knows big gamble, precisely because it touches the musical identity.

The inevitable controversy. The army of «it is no longer the Coconut it once was” yes. I am poured on social networks attacking the organization for the opening line-up: Seth Troxler, William Djoko, Matisa, Salome and Mattia Trani. That regardless of their talent – e they have quite a lot – represent the new course in a new world. With two obstacles to overcome: obviously the coronavirus, an external factor, which continues to frighten, feeding the specter of closures. And it nostalgic skepticism, in fact, of those who would like the entrance to Cocoricò to be one space-time door.

Rewinding the tape, however, is impossible, as well as undesirable. Of course, dancing under the windows of the Pyramid waiting for the first light of dawn brings to mind crazy memories. And when the Mauritius Principle and sings Heroes it really looks like go back twenty years. Here is the real bet of Coconut 3.0: achieving a balance – as fragile as it is salvific – between past, present and future. The magic of changing while remaining yourself.

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