Codfish: 5 timeless recipes

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In Roman cuisine, as well as in Judeo-Roman cuisine (and, in general, in most of the regional cuisines), cod is a real institution, on a par – so to speak – of amatriciana, carbonara and cacio e pepe. Walking along the Ghetto or strolling through the streets of the center (Trastevere, Testaccio and Garbatella in the first place) you will find it prepared in every way and manner: here battered and fried, there stewed or creamed. Baked or steamed, king of soups, pasta and broths or the star of delicious second courses.

The reasons for such a gastronomic success? We will not list them all. It will be enough to remember how this wonderful product of the Norwegian seas suggests incredible connections between food, religion, history, myths and chance; how rich it is in nutritional properties; how much its versatile nature unites north and south Italy around an intense and at the same time delicate flavor. In conclusion, it is a (ex) poor fish capable of marrying with the most disparate combinations, also loved by cooks and great chefs who have made it the banner of their culinary baggage.

It is precisely the cod (and the stockfish that, we remember, They are NOT the same despite the fact that the opposite is often believed), which the historic Garbatella district dedicates four days of meetings, reflections and greedy tastings, calling the best hosts in the city and promoting the authentic Capitoline tradition through a varied range of events.

Now in its second edition, Roma Baccalà (scheduled from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 September) will therefore be one full immersion dedicated to cod – remember: preserved in salt if cod, dried if stockfish – in which to taste delicious proposals made ad hoc for the occasion. A few examples? It ranges from Cream of chickpeas and cod with rosemary toasted bread of the Oste Matto to the inevitable Fried cod fillet and Mediterranean gnocchi by Flavio al Velavevodetto; from Stewed cod with crusco pepper of Proloco Trastevere al Cod and broad bean felafel with Roman hummus by Stefano Callegari (find the dishes in our gallery above).

But if we talk about cod, we cannot fail to mention the most famous regional recipes, typical par excellence; those of our grandmothers and Sunday lunch, handed down for decades and generations. We have selected 5 and you can always find them at the top complete with explanations.

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