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Cold front brings rain to the South and mild temperatures to the Southeast; check the weather forecast for this Thursday (11)

A new cold front is forming in southern Brazil, bringing instability and the possibility of heavy rains to the region. The phenomenon mainly affects the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, with storms forecast in some areas.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the central strip is expected to experience drizzle, while the west, Campanha and southern Rio Grande do Sul will experience stable weather with varying cloudiness. Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, will wake up with many clouds and a rainy day is expected, with a maximum of 15°C and a minimum of 9°C.

Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha, is also expecting a day of rain and intense cold, with a maximum of 11°C and a minimum of just 4°C. The tourist city woke up with reduced visibility due to dense cloud cover.

Southeast with predominance of sun and rising temperatures

Meanwhile, the Southeast of the country is once again experiencing predominantly sunny weather, with the exception of the extreme south of São Paulo, which is still affected by the cold front. Temperatures, which had been lower, are beginning to gradually rise from today.

São Paulo will have sun with some clouds in the afternoon, with a high of 25°C and a low of 14°C. However, the forecast indicates that the weekend will be colder, with highs not exceeding 24°C and lows reaching 13°C. Rain is forecast from Friday in the capital of São Paulo.

Vitória, in Espírito Santo, will have a sunny day with some clouds and no rain. Temperatures will vary between 20°C and 30°C, providing a pleasant climate for the people of Espírito Santo.

Central-West and North with high temperatures

In the Central-West, Mato Grosso do Sul is feeling the effects of the cold front, with the possibility of rain. In the other areas of the region, the sun will predominate, especially in Mato Grosso, where temperatures are expected to rise.

Brasília will wake up with clear, sunny skies, with no rain forecast. The federal capital will have a maximum temperature of 29°C and a minimum of 14°C.

In the North region, the forecast is for alternating rain showers with periods of improvement in most states. Amapá may experience more intense rain, while temperatures will rise again in Acre, southern Amazonas and Rondônia.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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