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Commissions on the TON network have decreased threefold

Blockchain developers The Open Network (TON) announced a threefold reduction in the commission for transactions within the network. The corresponding decision was approved by the validators.


Transaction costs will vary depending on the US dollar value of the native token. At a price of 1 TON of $7, the commission for the first transaction with Jettons will be ~$0.06, for subsequent ones – ~$0.04.

In addition, from April 16, there is a special discount on transactions with USDT based on TON: 0.02 TON instead of 0.032 TON for the first transaction and 0.0145 TON for subsequent ones.

In the next node update, the developers will introduce the ability to pre-compile smart contracts.

“The most popular smart contracts written in C++ will be built directly into the node, bypassing the need to perform TVM. This will reduce resource consumption and contract-related fees,” the statement said.

At the time of writing, Toncoin is trading at $5.58, according to CoinGecko.

Plans to reduce fees in the TON blockchain became known on April 16.

According to the previously published project roadmap for 2024, the introduction of gasless transactions, the Wallet 5.0 update and the development of the new Teleport cross-chain technology are expected.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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