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Committee’s challenge is to create monkeypox evolution scenarios, says David Uip

The Secretary of Science, Research and Development in Health of the State of São Paulo stated that there is concern about the evolution of the disease, David Uip, said he was worried about the evolution of monkeypox in the state and in Brazil.

Last Thursday (4), the State Department of Health of SP announced the creation of the Control and Integration Center and two integrated networks of laboratory diagnosis to combat the disease.

“We are worried, the director of Emílio Ribas said that he has 30 patients a day in the screening, there is a significant increase in the number of homes”, he said, in an interview with CNN Radio.

However, Uip stated that there is an important question about the epidemiological scenario.

“In Brazil, we are behind some European countries in the pandemic, such as England, France, Spain and Portugal. And there, there was an abrupt increase, followed by stability and then a downward trend.”

According to him, therefore, São Paulo observes this trend, but that, independently, “we are prepared with this network of public and private hospitals and laboratories.”

Epidemiological investigation deals with the current scenario, according to Uip, but “the big challenge is to create scenarios, prepare structure and be ready for any response to be adopted.”

The secretary believes that it is important not to label the disease as a specific group. “When you place a prevalent group, but exclude others, people do not worry, they start to think that they are not taking any risks, the disease cannot be underestimated, it seems to be less lethal, but it can affect immunocompromised patients, transplant recipients, children, pregnant women, we need to of caution.”

David Uip stated that he will have a meeting this Friday (5th) with the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, for a collaborative action against monkeypox.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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