N. Iliopoulos: Mitsotakis pleads guilty to wiretapping Dimitriadis-Kondoleontos resignations

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“The resignation of Dimitriadis and Condoleontos is a clear confession of guilt by Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the wiretapping scandal,” said the press representative of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nasos Iliopoulos, in his intervention on the radio station “To Kokkino 105.5 FM”.

“No one can believe that there is a scandal involving the general secretary of the prime minister, Mr. Dimitriadis, and the appointed commander of the EYP, Mr. Kontoleon – in an EYP that reports to the prime minister – and this case does not concern Mr. Mitsotakis. We don’t have a Dimitriadis or Kontoleontos case, we have a Mitsotakis scandal,” Nassos Iliopoulos underlined.

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“This development is a great victory for investigative journalism, for the people who raised this case, for Thanasis Koukakis himself, who from the first moment spoke about the surveillance. But also a great disappointment for those who pretended that the issue does not exist “, he characteristically said.

“This case affects the quality of democracy in the most brutal way. To monitor a journalist who investigates scandals, to monitor a political leader, to monitor political opponents of Mr. Mitsotakis, is the most insidious violation of democratic rights in a State of Law “, noted Nasos Iliopoulos.

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“But at the same time, it also imposes a huge responsibility on us, to use every tool we have in our hands to provide answers. The research so far shows that the monitoring was done centrally, under the responsibility of Megaros Maximos”, he added.

“It is clear that at the moment there is a question of democratic legitimacy of the government. The case of surveillance is another, leading, reason why Mr. Mitsotakis should resign and call elections”, said Nasos Iliopoulos, pointing out however that the prime minister “will try to buy time until this issue is forgotten, with the help of the media omerta”.

“For our part, we are committed that nothing will be forgotten and we will use every institutional tool for this purpose,” he concluded.

Source: Capital

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