Companies invest in marketing to innovate in the pandemic

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Branding. E-commerce. Marketing. If your company has not thought through the content of these words during the pandemic, it may be time to stop and reflect.

In São Paulo, an event that started this Wednesday (17) and runs until Thursday (18) brings together leaders and brand managers to discuss the directions of innovation and technology and their influence on business.

“Innovation moves everything we know”. Those who are not tuned in will probably have problems,” said Pyr Marcondes, a partner at Pipeline Capital, which focuses on supporting businesses and looking for opportunities for companies.

The president of Meio & Mensagem website, Marcelo de Salles Gomes, explains that the event is aimed at digital communication and marketing to update industry professionals. “There are several topics that we try to cover here, from the growth of e-commerce, evolution of games and streaming”. He adds that the pandemic accelerated a digital transformation process that was already underway. “It was already something that was going to happen, but we took a leap into the future. Everyone was in a discomfort zone, it wasn’t a smooth transition. We had to jump into the future, taking risky decisions.”

And so, taking risks, it was that a large chain of pharmacies increased their revenue from digital commerce this year. The experience was presented during the event.

The company invested in the so-called “growth hacking” – a work model that involves multidisciplinary teams with specific functions.

As a result, revenue from sales on digital channels soared in the quarter ended in November, compared to the same period in 2018: “The pandemic accelerated the migration of consumers to digital. Before the pandemic, we had something close to 1.5% of revenue in digital channels, and now we are closing the quarter with 9.6%. It’s a big leap,” says Vitor Bertoncini, executive director of client marketing at Raia Drogasil.

Another concern of companies is the relationship with the consumer. Robson Harada, growth marketing superintendent at Itaú Unibanco, said that the important thing is to establish a connection with the public, in which the brand can add and receive value back.

An example of this is the partnership to carry out the Taça das Favelas in a new format – the game, traditionally played on the soccer field, has also entered the gaming world. A highlight is the fact that technology is an important tool to drive work forward. “The focus is in fact to see technology as the foundation and guiding line of all communication work. Technology has the power to amplify human creativity, to generate a competitive potential for the brand”, he concludes.


ProXXIma event

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 8:00 pm WTC SÃO PAULO – SÃO PAULO/SP

Address: Av. Das Nações Unidas, 12551 – 5th floor. Sao Paulo-SP.

Registration: closes on November 18th. The event is paid. Other information:

Reference: CNN Brasil

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