Concern in Italy: Two months ahead of expected RSV respiratory virus outbreak

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Virus with seasonal characteristics, which affects the human respiratory system, is spreading at an increasing rate in Italy the last days. The reason for him Respiratory Syncytial Virus the RSV, according to the response of RES EIA from the neighboring country.

According to Italian media, Rsv, which is known to scientists, was spread this year two months earlier than has happened in the past.

It can cause serious problems in newborns and very young children, causing pneumonia and bronchiolitis.

In Rome and Padua, writes the newspaper La Repubblica, twenty-six newborns have been admitted to hospital with severe respiratory problems. Of these, six have been transferred to Intensive Care Unit.

According to experts, the “early” release of this virus this year is also due to relaxation of the safeguards adopted for Covid 19. Mainly, that the use of mask.

They are at greater risk premature babies, and those suffer from diseases of the respiratory system or from congenital heart disease.

No one has been approved at this time vaccine and experts point out that the only effective weapon is prevention, with frequent hand washing, use of a mask, but also disposable paper towels.

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