Conjuncture is not faced by zeroing taxes, says president of Comsefaz on diesel

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The president of Comsefaz, Décio Padilha, defended in an interview with CNN that the Federal Government adopt the “equalization account” to minimize the international effects of the oil crisis and the devalued real. “You can’t solve a conjunctural problem with a structural solution, which is to change the tax,” he said.

“While the war lasts, it must use the equalization account, through a piece of the dividends that Petrobras pays to the Federal Government. There is no intervention in Petrobras”, he explains.

“The government received R$ 17 billion in dividends in just three months this year, last year it received almost R$ 40 billion, it is necessary to take a piece of that and do the equalization account”, he defended.

Padilha argues that it is necessary to sit at the table and debate the subject in a technical way.

“Several countries apply this equalization account, it is precisely for periods of conjunctural adversity like this, an episodic solution while the war lasts”, he defends.

“We have more than 300 technicians on the Committee to contribute, and equalization is what is done all over the world, why can’t we do it in Brazil?”, he asks.

The chairman of the committee that brings together Finance secretaries from all units of the Federation criticized the Federal Government’s speech on tax reduction.

“It’s an election year and the war of narratives is circulating for a subject that should have a technical treatment”, he evaluates.

“The state ICMS has been frozen for almost 6 months. And just from January to May this year, Petrobras increased diesel by 47%, with ICMS frozen since November”, he argues.

Legal dispute between states and the Union

Décio Padilha explained that Comsefaz will appeal the injunction granted by Minister André Mendonça in favor of the General Attorney’s Office (AGU) regarding the application of the monophasia law.

“We gathered yesterday (14) the 27 secretaries of the country, we concluded a technical note, which will be the basis of the legal defense in the STF”, he revealed. “We will prove that we have fulfilled the monophasia, respecting the proportional weight that the law provided,” he said.

“There is a technical-legal confusion that we put 27 rates, when in fact it is a single rate with 27 discounts through tax benefits, for load equalization, which even the law expressly provides”, he explains.

“If we didn’t do that, the rate of one real would be higher in several states that charge BRL 0.75 or BRL 0.80”, concluded Padilha.

Source: CNN Brasil

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