Connection Agro: Cattle ranchers from the Pantanal invest in the creation of organic cattle

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In the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, ranchers are investing in the creation of organic cattle. To be considered organic, the ox must be raised loose in a pasture and without chemical fertilization. Feed and silage can be used to feed animals as long as they are organic, and mineral salt cannot contain urea.

The prevention and treatment of diseases of these animals are done with homeopathy or phytotherapy. If the breeder needs to resort to conventional pharmaceutical drugs, the animal is no longer organic. Mandatory vaccinations are accepted.

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“We went to 40,000 slaughters in one year and the year 2022 should exceed 80,000. The limit will be the size of the Pantanal”, explained Eduardo Cruzetta, president of the Pantanal Association for Organic and Sustainable Livestock.

The certification of organic and sustainable meat has been gaining ground in the market and helps to value this management and improve the income of producers.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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