Constructions: The law is submitted for the standard proposals – What they are and how they will change the market

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By Eleni Botas

The bill for the standard proposals of the Ministry of Infrastructure is submitted to the Parliament, according to information within the week (Tuesday or Thursday). The aim of the bill is to accelerate the maturation of large infrastructure projects.

According to information in the bill that will be submitted, the budget of the projects that can be included in the pilot proposals will be reduced, from the 200 million euros that was initially foreseen, to slightly lower levels.

As recently stated by George Syrianos, President of STEAT “Innovation proposals at the initiative of the Private Sector – which are already implemented in many other countries, even in the EU – come to contribute to faster and more economical implementation of the National Plan and lead the country “In rapid growth after a long-term economic and unprecedented health crisis. .

According to him, “concession projects currently take 7-8 years to become a contractor. Under these conditions, the sector can not cope with the schedules and modern high demands. Innovation proposals, among other things, reduce the process in 1 to 1.5 years from the submission of the Proposal “.

How the standard sentences work

The pilot proposals are submitted exclusively during the first fortnight of each calendar quarter to the Evaluation Committee via the electronic platform and are accompanied by a complete dossier of supporting data and documents. These include a detailed description of the object, documentation of the feasibility of the contract, detailed documentation of the value of the proposed investment, cost-benefit study and general data that are the product of a complete study.
Also, for the submission of the model proposal, the payment of a fee, in favor of the State, equal to a percentage of 1 ‰ on the budgeted value of the project is required. The proposer may withdraw the template submitted at any time. If the bidder withdraws the pilot proposal until the completion of its evaluation by the Model Proposal Evaluation Committee, it is returned to the proposer the amount of the fee corresponding to 30% of its value, by an act of the Model Proposal Evaluation Committee. In case of subsequent withdrawal of a model proposal, the paid fee amount will not be refunded. If the proposer withdraws a pilot proposal, he is not entitled to return with a new pilot proposal for the same infrastructure project for a period of six months.

In case two or more pilot proposals with the same or similar subject have been submitted, the Model Proposal Evaluation Committee examines them at the same time and recommends the approval of only the most intentional and advantageous model proposal.

The Model Proposal Evaluation Committee also informs the bidder through the electronic platform of the completeness or shortcomings of the submitted pilot proposal within 30 days from the date of submission and, if required, invites him to submit additional information and data within 30 days. In any case, the evaluation process of the model proposal is completed within 90 days from the date of sending the receipt of the model proposal.

If the Commission accepts the model proposal, it submits its positive suggestion to the competent minister, who submits, with his proposal, the model proposal for final judgment to the Government Committee on Strategic Contracts. Then the tender procedures of the project proceed with the preparation of the required tender documents and other procedures.

the compensation

If the final contractor is announced as a tenderer who is not the bidder, the final contractor is obliged to pay the bidder the costs of preparation of the model proposal within two months. To ensure the bidder’s compensation, a guarantee equal to the costs of preparing the template is provided by the provisional contractor. The warranty period is renewed until there is a final contractor.

Source From: Capital

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