Contract was fulfilled, says graduation company after denouncement of embezzlement of almost R$ 1 million per USP student

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The company Ás Formaturas stated that it complied with what was established in the contract after the emergence of a complaint that a medical student at USP embezzled almost R$ 1 million from the graduation commission of her class.

Suspect Alicia Muller, 25 years old and former president of the graduation committee, is accused of having appropriated R$ 927,000 that would be used to fund the graduation party. The case is investigated by the Civil Police. THE CNN, she denied all allegations.

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THE CNN got in touch with members of the graduation committee of Class 106 of the USP Medical School (FMUSP).

In a joint note, they reported that, on January 6 of this year, they became aware that Alicia “withdrew, without the knowledge and consent of any other member of the commission, an amount totaling approximately R$ 927,000”.

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The money was transferred to Alicia’s personal account, the students accuse. It had been collected over the course of four years by the company Ás Formaturas, hired by the class to manage the year-end celebrations.

“Mrs. Alicia Muller does not morally and ethically represent the position of the other members of this Committee and the more than 110 students who adhered, victims of this conduct”, wrote the graduation committee.

“We emphasize the understanding of this commission that Mrs. Alicia Muller violated our bylaws by transferring this amount without the signature of any other member and transferring it to her personal account, ”she added.

Of the whole story told by Mrs. Alicia Muller, the only fact that we are certain of is the transfer of the amount kept in the custody of the company Ás Formaturas to her personal account. We are still investigating the context in which the transfers were made.

Graduation committee of the 106th class of medicine at USP

The students also pointed out that they are “evaluating the appropriate legal measures and structuring an action plan for the coming weeks”.

Contract fulfilled, says company

wanted by CNN Ás Formaturas manifested itself through its advisory noting that, in relation to this USP medical class, “Ás was not committed to the realization or production of any event”.

“Az’s responsibility in the contract was limited to collecting the amounts from the graduates and transferring them to the class, in addition to carrying out the photographic coverage”, adds the company’s statement.

“In this sense, all transfers were carried out strictly as established in the contractual clauses”, concluded Ás Formaturas.

The company also stated that it is “available to the authorities to provide contracts, documents, emails and other information”.

Ás concluded by saying that it is in contact with the commission to seek a solution that will make the planned event possible.

“Commission had access to information”, says suspect to CNN

THE CNN contacted Alicia Muller via WhatsApp this Saturday (15) to respond to the accusations.

She sent the following statement: “I deny all accusations and inform that the graduation committee had access to the information on the withdrawal of money.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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