Converter Total 3.5.0

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Total Converter – in most cases, we need to convert different units of measure. For example, to convert units of length, we may need to convert inches to mm, convert inches to cm, convert inches to feet, convert cm to inches, and convert units of weight such as converting kg to pounds, converting pounds to kg, or converting Fahrenheit to Celsius etc.

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So, to help you easily convert units of measure, Universal Unit Converter – Calculator is a unit conversion calculator that consists of the following categories of unit conversion:

  • Area Converter
  • Cooking unit converter
  • Currency Converter
  • Storage unit converter
  • Energy Converter
  • Fuel Converter
  • Length / Distance Converter
  • Mass / Weight Converter
  • Power unit converter
  • Pressure Converter
  • Speed ​​Converter
  • Temperature Converter
  • Time Converter
  • Torque Converter
  • Volume Converter

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