COP26: About 30 countries must accelerate transition to clean vehicles

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More than 30 representatives from countries, 40 cities and states, as well as dozens of companies and associations linked to the automobile industry pledged this Wednesday (10), at COP26, in Glasgow, to accelerate the transition to carbon-free vehicles for achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Among the countries that joined in the commitment are: United Kingdom, Israel, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Denmark. Brazil and the United States, for the time being, have not signed the declaration. Among the 40 cities and state governments that signed are São Paulo, Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles, San Francisco, California and New York.

In the declaration, they mention that “together, they will work so that all sales of new cars and trucks are non-polluting worldwide by 2040 and at the latest by 2035 in the main markets”.

Furthermore, they promise to: as cities, states and regional governments, “work towards the conversion of car and other vehicle fleets”; as automakers, they will work “to achieve 100% zero emissions in new vehicle sales in the next decade”; and finally, as financial institutions and investors in automobile factories, they are committed to “supporting an accelerated transition to zero-emission vehicles”.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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