COP26: The United States and China have reached a joint statement on climate change

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THE China and the USA “A joint statement on climate action,” the Chinese climate envoy said in Glasgow today. Sie Zenhua.

“Both sides recognize the gap between the current efforts and the objectives of the Paris Agreement, therefore we will jointly strengthen climate action“, Said the Chinese official in the press on UN Climate Conference COP26 which is located in this city of Scotland.

The agreement “shows that cooperation is the only way for China and the United States,” Xie said.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who is also in Glasgow, welcomed the deal, which he sees as “an important step in the right direction,” according to a tweet.

It is pointed out that China is the largest source of emissions greenhouse gases in the world and the USA the second, according to the RES EIA.

It is worth mentioning that the president of the USA Joe Biden, who attended Glasgow at the start of the conference last week, described the absence of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at COP26 «big mistakeAccusing him of “despising the climate crisis”.

“As the two main world powers, China and the United States must take over responsibility “to work with other parties to fight climate change,” the Chinese envoy said today.

COP26 is considered critical, as the planet is according to the UN in a “catastrophic” temperature rise trajectory by 2,7°C compared to the pre-industrial era.

In the announcement posted on the internet, the two countries are committed work at COP26 for “an ambitious, balanced and inclusive result in mitigation (lower emissions), adjustment and financial support”.

They pledge to “take more intensive measures to increase ambitions by the 2020s”, reaffirming their commitment to the temperature targets set by the Paris Agreement.

EU: Beijing-Washington cooperation “important for the world”

The Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans also welcomed the above announcement.

“Apart from the COP, it is important for the world,” he told AFP.

“If the United States and China, with all their difficulties in other matters, send a message that this issue goes beyond the other, that it concerns the survival of mankind“This helps the international community a lot to accept that we have to act now,” he said, noting, however, that much work needs to be done agreement in COP26 “.

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