Copywriter, chiropractor and project manager, here are the most searched professions on Google

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Google is always ready to satisfy our doubts and curiosities, even those concerning the world of work. For example, what does a copywriter do? And a project manager, an osteopath, a chiropractor? These are some of the professions most typed by Italians on the search engine, along with the others listed in this article. It’s not just about growing digital jobs, like social media manager or copywriter. Users have also frequently questioned the nature of various classic medical-health professions, perhaps because to an inexperienced eye they appear almost superimposable: physiatrist and physiotherapist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, andrologist and urologist … Here they are explained.

Osteopath. Osteopathy, previously included in the category of wellness professions, officially became a health profession in June 2021: in the near future, through interministerial decrees, the degree course and evaluation paths of equivalent qualifications will be precisely defined. The osteopaths currently in business have instead received private training in specialized institutes.

The practice of osteopathic medicine began in the United States in the 19th century and consists in the treatment of bodily dysfunctions through muscular and visceral techniques. The approach underlying osteopathy is holistic, that is, it takes into account all aspects of the person and considers the human being as a dynamic functional unit in which body systems and districts are interconnected and influence each other.

Physiatrist. It is a term, translated from English, by which we generally refer to a specialist in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine. The physiatrist, through motor re-education and physical therapies, intervenes on the patient both before any surgery, to preserve motor functions, prevent pathology or alleviate painful symptoms; and later, to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery of mobility. The use of a physiatrist may be useful or necessary in case of orthopedic and neurological problems, including osteoarthritis, back pain, hernias, tendinopathies, scoliosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries. Unlike the physiatrist, the physiotherapist – another of the health professions most searched for on Google – does not have a degree in medicine, but in physiotherapy; and then passed the state examination qualifying for the profession. His work consists in preventing or treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions and motor difficulties, through exercises and manual therapies.

Notary. In Italy the notary is a public official who stipulates deeds that have the value of legal proof, for example wills, inheritances, donations and deeds for the purchase of a property or for the establishment of a company or a startup. By impartial and independent law, the notary must protect the interests of all the subjects involved in an act (for this reason he cannot carry out tasks that concern, for example, his own relatives: he would find himself in a conflict of interest). To become a notary, you must have a law degree, practice for 18 months in a notary’s office and pass the public competition promoted by the Ministry of Justice (you can participate a maximum of five times). Each winner, based on the ranking, is assigned by the Ministry to an office, in which he must open a studio within three months. Notaries must be duly registered in the single professional register.

Psychiatrist. He is a doctor, therefore a graduate in Medicine and Surgery, with a specialization in psychiatry. It deals with mental health and disorders using pharmacological, psychotherapeutic treatment or a combination of these two approaches, possibly associated with other types of rehabilitation therapies. Unlike the psychologist, the psychiatrist can prescribe drugs.

Chiropractor. He is the professional who practices chiropractic, that is a curative technique conceived in the United States in 1895 which, through specific manipulations, treats the painful symptoms affecting the musculoskeletal system. According to chiropractic, the human body has its own ability to find and maintain a correct balance. To favor the latter, the chiropractor acts above all on the spine and on the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system. In Italy chiropractic was officially recognized for the first time with a law of 2007, which, however, was not followed by the implementing decrees that were supposed to regulate training, the course of study and other aspects relating to the profession.

The WHO suggests that the chiropractor, who in some countries of the world is recognized as a healthcare professional, should have undergone specific post-secondary training of at least five years. The Italian Chiropractic Association, founded in 1974 to protect the profession from unauthorized activities, in fact includes only chiropractic doctors who have obtained a master’s degree in chiropractic in line with these international standards. At the moment such training does not exist in Italy, therefore all the Italian chiropractors who are members of the Association have studied abroad.


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