Coronavirus: A new series of measures is coming to France, due to the 4th wave

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A new series of measures in order to limit its spread coronavirus, against which more than 50% of its population has been vaccinated, is adopted by the France These include a new health protocol for schools, the generalization of the health certificate on 9 August and the declaration of a state of emergency in the French Antilles.

According to AFP, after the meeting of the cabinet, which was chaired by the president via video conference Emmanuel Macronfrom the plane on which he was traveling for an official visit to Polynesia, the government spokesman spoke of a health condition “which continues to is deteriorating and remains worrying. “

“We are already counting more than 19,000 cases per day on average, this is a percentage 97% higher “Compared to a week ago,” he said Gabriel Atal, describing a map of France “almost entirely red”.

The state of emergency will therefore be declared tonight at Guadeloupe, τον Saint Martin and the Saint Bartholomew, due to a high incidence rate and a very low vaccination coverage in these three French islands of the Antilles.

France last night exceeded the limit of 50% of its population that has been fully vaccinated, a level that is considered to be is far away far from the collective immunity threshold, which is estimated at approx 90% with the news Delta mutation.

Regarding the health pass (negative Covid test, certificate of vaccination or recovery) it is worth mentioning that it is already mandatory in France, from July 21, in places of entertainment and culture (cinemas, museums…), where more than 50 people gather.

However, the new law provides for its extension, from the 9th of next month, to cafes-restaurants, trade fairs, long-distance trains, domestic flights.

In addition, train ticket holders who test positive will be refunded the amount they have paid, as is the case with air travel.

At the same time, the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanker, announced yesterday that upon returning to the new school year, High School and Lyceum students who have not been vaccinated should attend courses through distance learning, if a Covid case is detected in their class while its classes elementary school (6-11 years old) should be closed from the first case.

It is noted that the outbreak of infections continued with 26.871 recorded cases yesterday, the highest number since the end of April.

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