Coronavirus: A subtype of the Delta mutation is less likely to cause symptoms

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The sub-variant ΑΥ.4.2. of the dominant executive Delta of coronavirus, which is gradually gaining ground in Britain, is less likely to lead to Covid-19 disease with symptoms, which has probably led to a reduction in the incidence of the disease in the country after their peak on October 20-21, according to British scientists.

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The latest data (October 19-November 5) of the ongoing REACT-1 study by researchers at Imperial College London show that AV.4.2. has reached 12% of cases in Britain, but only a third of them show “classic” symptoms Covid-19, compared to almost half of the cases that are coincidental with the dominant Delta AV variant.4.

Two thirds of people with AD4.2. have a symptom, more or less serious, compared to three quarters of people with AD4 who have symptoms, according to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency. Delta AV.4.2. considered slightly more contagious (by 10% -15%), but does not appear to cause more serious illness or escape vaccines more easily than the “normal” Delta.

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«It seems to be more contagious, but also less accidental“which is good,” said Imperial epidemiologist Paul Eliot, according to Reuters and the Guardian. British scientists estimate that asymptomatic or those with few symptoms may spread the coronavirus less through their cough.

REACT-1 also found that booster doses reduced the risk of adult infection by two-thirds within two weeks of two doses compared with those given two doses.

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