Coronavirus: Almost half of patients with severe disease have at least one symptom after one year

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“Long Covid-19” proves to be more common than expected, according to a new Chinese scientific study study, which shows -like other studies in the past- that 45% -that is, almost half- of those who had been hospitalized due to Covid-19, appear one or more symptoms one year later.

Elderly patients and those who have been more seriously ill are more likely to have them persistent symptoms after many months, the research shows, focusing on patients from the epicenter of the Wuhan pandemic. The researchers published the relevant article in the American medical journal “JAMA Network Open”.

Of the 2,433 patients studied who were hospitalized for an average of 14 days (72% needed additional oxygen and 2% ended up in the ICU), one year after the initial infection, 28% still had severe fatigue, 17% excessive sweating, 13% chest tightness and shortness of breath, while 10% anxiety symptoms. 57% of patients had no chronic underlying disease when they became ill with Covid-19, while 29% had hypertension and 14% diabetes.

Those who were seriously ill from him coronavirus, according to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, were 31% more likely to have a subsequent “long Covid-19” than those with a mild illness. The probability of shortness of breath after one year was 84% ​​higher for the former, while for persistent fatigue 36% and for reduced sense of smell 68%.

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