Coronavirus – Australia: Lockdown in two states – Delta mutation continues to spread

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Located in Lockdown are two of the six states in Australia, as the mutant strain of the Delta mutant continues to spread.

The state of Victoria has extended the restrictive measures for seven days, South Australia has announced a one-week quarantine, while Sydney is in a five-week lockdown.

Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, with Sydney as its capital, is battling the largest outbreak of COVID-19, with the total number of cases exceeding 1,400.

New South Wales authorities reported a slight drop today, with the state in its fourth week of lockdown implementation.

New South Wales today reported 78 cases of COVID-19 local transmission, compared with 98 cases the previous day.

“We are seeing more hospitalizations, more intensive care units, more people on respirators,” said Carrie Chad, New South Wales’ director of health services in Sydney, referring to the intensive care unit.

Case increase

At least 21 of the new cases involved people who had contact with the community after being infected, and according to the authorities, this number should be zeroed in order to lift the restrictions on lockdown.

The five-day lockdown in Victoria was scheduled to end tonight, but authorities say it needs to be extended for seven days.

“There are streams of transmission that have not yet been reduced, others that we do not know, and if we open we will see how quickly this is transmitted, we will see how difficult it can become in a very short time,” the state prime minister said in Melbourne today. Victoria Daniel Andrews.

“The speed with which this has been transmitted within the state of Victoria confirms that we did the right thing with the lockdown, and it is also sad to confirm that we need more time,” he added.

Nine cases of infection were reported in Victoria, compared to 13 cases the previous day, following the downward trend in the total number of infections to more than 80. Of the new cases, all but one were linked to the current outbreak, according to officials. .

Areas exposed to the coronavirus in Victoria have grown to more than 300 since the first cases of infection were identified a week ago, and were linked to a group of furniture carriers from Sydney that had been infected.

The state of South Australia has entered a seven-day lockdown following the detection of new cases of the variant infection Delta executive. Authorities have so far identified five cases of infection associated with this outbreak.

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