«Temptation Island 2021»: Floriana’s strength, which does not yield in the face of Federico’s tears

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Let’s watch Temptation Island for so many years that by now we have understood the technique: the engaged couples, believing themselves the smartest of all, once they enter the village take advantage of the court of single girls as if on the other side there were neither cameras nor companions to watch them. They have fun, they indulge in the typical phrasebook of the alpha male who believes that everything is due to him because he was born a male but, when the partner can’t take it anymore and asks for the comparison bonfire, they can’t hold up.

On that trunk swallowed by darkness they become small, they cannot replicate and, at a certain point, they resort to the same weapon that Rossella O’Hara used to convince Ashley not to leave Tara: compulsive crying. It has happened in the past to characters like Andrea and Oronzo and it has happened again this year with Federico, who thought he would get away with it and be forgiven in no time without getting to grips with Floriana’s resolve, who not only remained firm on her positions, but also gave a lesson to all the girlfriends that, in front of the crying man, the one who was the macho yesterday and today is the Magdalene, have almost always broken up.

Floriana no. On the fourth episode of Temptation Island, in front of a Filippo Bisciglia stunned by the strength and anger of a girl who, since she entered, has done nothing but watch video on video, recording Federico’s approach with the single on duty, did not take a step back. “I came here with some doubts and I gave myself some answers, you are going to kill your story” said Floriana before Federico brought out the masterpiece, another classic by Temptation Island: “I got involved because I wanted to understand the real feelings for you”. In short, the horns as a necessary means to test the real interest behind a love, who would not do it? “I called you because what I saw made me feel so bad it made me understand everything. You don’t love me, you don’t respect me and you don’t deserve me. Now you keep that girl, you suck and you’re ridiculous. I’m not made for you or you for me, because I don’t want someone like that. I want a man with balls who can defend me if they speak ill of me. You will never find another one like me ».

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Federico also tried to start a defense – “We weren’t happy together anymore and you can’t say the opposite, I got involved with that girl. I don’t feel anything for that girl “ – but, when he realized that Floriana was immovable, he started to cry, got up from the trunk, withdrew, all in order to provoke a reaction, to make her flinch, but she didn’t. Bisciglia tried to tell her that maybe anger is the one talking, that deep down she cares about him, but the girl hasn’t been there and she decided, in fact, to go out alone. «The love I gave him will never find it again. For once I think with my head and I feel bad, because if I had to think with my heart I would stay there ». When, however, the public is ready to print a photo of Floriana to hang it above the keyboard of the bed as a spirit-guide to appeal to to fix the bitches males, here it is. Filippo warns us that we will still hear about Floriana and Federico, and we get a little chills: it is very likely that the two, in the episode of the “month after” Temptation Island which will be broadcast on Canale 5 at the end of this edition, come back together. And we get excited a bit, above all because, to justify the rubbing with the single, Federico also said that “everything I lived in there I would like to do for her”. A little easy like that.

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