Coronavirus – Belgium: Extension of use of vaccination certificate under discussion

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At tonight ‘s meeting of the relevant Consultation Committee at Belgium (Codeco) draws the attention of the citizens of the country, as topics of discussion are expected to be the use of the mask and the possibility of extending its application vaccination certificate in the restaurant or elsewhere, in areas where vaccination rates are low.

According to the Belgian press, and as transmitted by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ, the vaccination certificate, or “covid safe ticket”, as it is called in the country, will have to go through the “reef” of the Council of State and then the Personal Data Protection Authority so to be implemented from mid-October, possibly only on Brussels, due to low vaccination rates compared to Flanders and Wallonia.

Regarding reactions, representatives of the catering sector express fears of reduced traffic and point out the difficulties and the cost of installing the appropriate system for the control of vaccination certificates. They also say that the fact that this measure will not be implemented at the moment in Flanders and Wallonia, may lead many customers to shops in these areas adjacent to the Brussels Region. This position is also expressed by many gym owners.

Regarding the extension of the use of the “covid safe ticket” in the shops, in the shopping centers, in the hairdressers, etc., the issue will be discussed today in the Consultative Committee, however no decision is expected after some political parties react strongly.

After all, when it comes to using a mask, it is considered possible to decide one more flexible use following pressure from the Flemish government where almost the entire population has been vaccinated.

Finally, one is expected to be decided emergency plan in case the health condition worsens. This will include the strengthening of compulsory telework, the use of masks in schools, the extension of the “covid safe ticket” to high-risk areas and the mandatory vaccination in high-risk areas.

In Belgium, meanwhile, the daily number of coronavirus treatments has fallen by 12% last week. Average, 60,3 Patients were admitted to hospitals every day between September 10 and 16, according to the latest data from the Sciensano Institute of Public Health. The number of cases remains more or less constant, always in accordance with the RES EIA.

Between 7 and 13 September, 1.974 new cases of COVID-19 were detected daily (+ 2% compared to the previous week), while on average 7 people died daily from Covid-19.

Currently, 701 persons are still being treated, of which 220 are in an intensive care unit.

The 86% of the adult population in Belgium has received at least the First installment of the vaccine against covid19 and 84,3% has been fully vaccinated.

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