Coronavirus – Britain: The Delta Plus mutation is becoming more and more widespread

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The British Health Insurance Agency (UKHSA) announced on Friday that it has set a sub-variant of Delta mutation of coronavirus, which is called AY.4.2 (or “Delta Plus“), As a” variant under investigation “, stating that there is some evidence that it may be more contagious than Delta.

“The characterization was made on the basis that this subcategory has been made more and more widespread in the UK in recent months and there is some early evidence that AY.4.2 may have an increased growth rate in the UK compared to Delta, ”UKHSA points out.

“Although evidence is still emerging, this variant does not appear to be causing a more serious illness” or “making the vaccines currently in use less effective,” according to the same statement, cited by Reuters.


It is worth mentioning that in our country, 11 samples which according to the previous data were classified as strain ΑΥ.4 (belonging to the strain Delta), now -with the current revision- are classified as strain ΑΥ.4.2.

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and member of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health, Gikas Majorkinis, appeared reassuring regarding the presence of this executive in Greece as well, saying “he does not seem to have a special profile to be classified as an executive of concern or an executive under surveillance”.

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